human-made hallucinations

August 2022

This was originally titled ‘a short digression’ in a more personal piece I’ve been writing. It was not short, so here it is. In a world that is becoming…

July 2022

Happy promo season to those who celebrate

May 2022

always has been

February 2022

PvP and PvE / growth solves all problems

January 2022

a departure from our regularly scheduled programming

April 2021

A lackluster apology for not writing more often

July 2020

Creator subscriptions, not platform subscriptions, are the future

May 2020

We are once again debating remote work and how to accordingly compensate employees. There are two schools of thought here: Value-minus: an employee…

April 2020

I’m entering my 8th week of lockdown/quarantine/pause, and it’s been pretty surreal. When you don’t leave your house for days at a time, you don’t…

March 2020

This feels like the big one
It's the coronavirus edition that nobody asked for